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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I got pampered!!!!

I went to my sisters house today to get my hair done and I got pampered while I was there! I think my hair turned out gorgeous and I can't wait to show it off at work tomorrow. She does a great job and it's always fun hanging out with her and her kids. So this is what it looks like! She cut it and put highlights in it!! I just love it! Thanks again Heather!

While I was having my hair done my niece Aleksia said she wanted to paint my other sisters toenails but Heidi was like no so I figured she might as well do mine since I never really do anything with them! I felt like I was in a beauty shop and she did such a good job and she was quick!!! Thanks Aleksia for helping my toes look pretty too.

(Isn't she so cute????)

This is just a funny random picture I thought I'd put up. It's Cassie waiting for Robbie to come home from work. They have a ritual that I try to watch for him and when he comes home and is locking the gate I let her run out to him. But if she can hear him outside she has to be out there with him! She's a complete daddy's girl and he spoils her!!!!!


aurora said...

Love the hair! Fun and flirty. :)

Madillios said...

Jamie your hair looks so cute !! Alexsia looks so grown up :)
The picture of your doggie is adorable , sounds like she has a good home !!

aurora said...

I have an award for you over on my blog! :)

Kiera said...

Looks really cute! I love it! Thanks for helping Kayla with her cake!