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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A few more cakes

So I've done a few more cakes that I thought I'd share with y'all until my "professional" website is up. My brother-in-law is going to design me one that I'm so excited about. I guess I need to send him all the details to get it going huh? In the meantime let me know what ya think of the cakes!!!!

This was for a missionary coming home from Florida. I had fun doing it. It was my first time ever doing one like this!

This was a Curious George one that turned out ok. I should've made the inside of his face lighter. I hope you can at least tell who it is. It scared me when I asked Robbie when I just had the outlining in if he could tell who it was and he was like "it just looks like a boy." What am I suspose to say to that????
This was a ladybug that I thought turned out pretty cute. I made it for a girl at work for her birthday.

Anyways, I really enjoy making cakes if you can't tell. Sometimes it takes time to get me motivated but once I'm going I think I do ok. I really don't know why all the sudden I decided I wanted to start decorating cakes but I'm glad I did. I'm hoping to eventually open a bakery or I guess work at a bakery (I just don't want to have to worry about the business part of it I just want to decorate!) So if you ever need cakes let me know!!!! But most of all I'd love your input. Tell me what you think and maybe what should've been done differently! Thanks


MikeyAnn said...

Your pretty talented... I Love cake!

mikeynannie said...

Hey, Jamie! So I have to say that I think your best cakes are the ones that are 3D. Not just a picture on a cake, but the cake is made into a shape. They are all fabulous, but I think that those kinds are your best work!! Keep up the FABULOUS work!! Love you!

Madillios said...

Jamie I love looking at your blogg and seeing all your cakes you are amazing I love that ladie bug cake that one is my favorite Now ohhhh wait its a toss up between that one and the duck !!