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Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to Utah

So it seems that since we've been in Utah our luck kind of has been going against us! I had thought that I had a lot of jobs lined up yet I'm still jobless, our dog got attacked and we had to take her to the vet, my UVSC account has a hold on it (which I don't know why), my grandpa was admitted to the hospital, and our new ward starts at 1:00 instead of 11:00!!! Hopefully nothing else will go wrong. (It has really been good though that we came when we did because we were able to help out the family). (On another positive note I do have two job interviews lined up so wish me well....)

I've had a lot of time to think about things and just realize how lucky I am to have a wonderful family that I love and they love me. Since my grandpa isn't doing very well I've struggled. He's been such a strength to me and I don't know what I will do with out him. Words can't do him justice. He is such a man of strength, honor, love, courage and every other positive words out there!!! He was always there to give me priesthood blessings when I was struggling or he was just there to give me a grandpa hug. I just love him so much!!!

I've pondered a lot lately on what life really is about and how I have so much I have to do and I am just such a slacker in a lot of areas that I really need to work on. I'm thankful for the knowledge that I have been given of what we're here for. I am so thankful for my family and the strength that they are.


aurora said...

So sorry to hear about your grandpa. It sounds like you have a great relationship. I hope that he will get well soon.
Also, sorry to hear about your other troubles. Sometimes I have found that things get really crazy before something wonderful happens. And also, the adversary like to stir things up when you are doing something that will be good.
Hang in there, and know that you are missed here in the Lone Star State!

Chris and Mary said...

Sorry to hear about the "bad luck." I know things will get better. WE MISS YOU TWO LIKE CRAZY! Sacrament isn't the same without you. :)