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Friday, June 6, 2008

Weddings---Fun or too much work???

So some of you know that Stephanie, my sister-in-law gets married tomorrow at the church. It brings back a lot of memories when Robbie and I went through the planning stages of everything and just everything that went on. All I have to say is I'm glad all the chaos is past for us and we don't ever have to get married again. So we're down to the wire and now that I'm not the bride I'm not really feeling the stress other than I hope we can finish the cake in time...but I think that shouldn't be a problem. Anyways, we had quite an eventful day. We went to the church this morning to "help" decorate but I think that I was more in the way than anything! The ladies that decorated did an amazing job!!! (I'll post more pics of the actual wedding day and everything).
So at 2:00 we had a pedicure appointment down in Fort Worth or whatever city it was in, I'm not quite sure!!! Steph made appointments for grandma Chaffin (who's visiting from UT), Misty, Steph's best friend, Katy--my sis-n-law, and me. We went to the Fort Worth beauty school. It was really a lot of fun!!!! I got a French manicure with black tips!!! Maybe I'll show them off after the wedding!! (Steph's colors are black and Red).

This is grandma Chaffin, me and Katy on the way home from the manicure. I've been having fun with the camera I think just cuz I don't ever take enough pictures of things going on so tonight I went wild!!!!

So in the last few weeks I've found out a few things about Robbie that I guess I've just either never noticed before or he's just started doing them...like 2 weeks ago when we were at a restaurant he decided to play "counselor" to one of my friends (it was quite entertaining) but he had never done that before. And then tonight we were at the rehearsal dinner at Salt Grass and he decided to be an "entertainer" to a 5 and 6 year old. He got like 5 glasses and kept pouring water from one glass to another just so that the girl would say one had more water than another and then he pulled a dollar and a coin and a mint out of her ears!!! She quite enjoyed it and it was pretty entertaining to watch Robbie act the way he was!!! It was just quite hilarious!!!!

This is him entertaining Taylor and Hunter with all the glasses!!!!

Taylor picking the glass that she thinks has the most water which was a small milk glass filled to the very brim but it was shorter than all the other glasses yet she still picked it! Robbie went on to explain that kids will pick the glass that is filled to the brim whether it's the biggest cup or not...

We were all enjoying our delicious dessert! It was a pretty fun night!!! Me, Katy and Betsy (Robbie's aunt even though she's like 2 years older than him....kinda weird!!)

Isn't this the sweetest picture??? I like pictures that make me look good and I think this one. But I noticed after all the pics were done I was wearing the same shirt I was wearing on my anniversary, so I'm sorry. I promise I have more clothes I guess I just really like this shirt!!!! Robbie looks really good too!! Just wait to see how good we look after we get the Wii Fitness!!!! Heck yea!!!!

This was our sampler dessert we had. It had cheesecake which was awesome, apple pecan pie, key lime pie (didn't like that), and ice cream and brownie bits. It was so great!!!

Just some fun pics at the church before we rehearsed for the wedding!!! Katy and me are bestest friends!!!! She is a gorgeous girl!!

Tyler, Katy and me! Tyler had just stuck a piece of gum in his mouth!!! I just had to post it!

Robbie always has to squeeze in the picture somehow!! He was on a role tonight!!!

This was me as I was walking down the aisle I guess and thought it was a cute pic!!! Anyways that was our exciting today and it will be even more exciting and long tomorrow!!! Starts bright and early with hair appointments and ends with cleaning up after!! Then I hopefully get to go home and just go to bed!!!! Are weddings really worth all the effort that's put into them? I think if I were to do it again I'd just elope to the temple and go on a long honeymoon or something!!! Who knows, though I did like feeling like a princess for one day! Hope you enjoyed the pics!!!


aurora said...

Such cute pictures!
Yes, weddings are tons of work, but such an amazing memory.
Ours was more low-key. Since the closest temple was about 12 hours away we had our wedding with family and a couple of friends. Then a wedding luncheon. We did a reception 2 weeks later.
I am glad that you all are having a fun but crazy busy time. I can't wait to see the cake!!!!!

kristi said...

i agree - the pic of you and robbie at the restaurant is very very good!

And yes, I love Katy too! I'm glad ya'll are close - she is such a good and cute girl!