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Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun with Family!!

I think some of the funnest nights are when you can just hang out and do whatever--laugh, joke, talk, eat, etc and just plain have fun!!! I went to my cousin's house (well really she's my second cousin...but I still call her cousin!) And we had dinner and played the wii and I got to play with her 2 adorable kids and I had so much fun!!! We used to hang out every Wednesday night while her husband was at young mens and Robbie was still at work and we got out of the habit and hadn't hung out for a long time. But I figured since I may not see her in awhile we needed to get together and just have fun!!! I hope she doesn't mind but I'm gonna give a quick background just cuz I feel like I want to and I'm in the mood to type (this might be a rambly blog so I'm sorry).....
So go back like 12 or 13 years....I went to a family reunion with my sister, Heather and my grandma and grandpa Benard. I didn't really have anyone to hang out with and didn't really know anyone else my age and so my grandma went and grabbed Kiera and said you two should hang out....we had a lot of fun! (I don't remember what we did that year except I think we drove to the very top of a mountain so we c0uld go to a lake and Kiera got car sick and we got to the lake and we got up to our knees in the water and got right back out...it was water that came from the snow and it was FREEZING COLD!!!!!)
And it seems like from that year on for like 3 or 4 years we'd see each other at my great grandma's bday party or I'd go to her family camping trips to Ferron and had so much fun....Then I guess we just got busy and I saw her at my mission farewell before I left to Arkansas and then I heard she had got married and that was it! I think I asked my grandma a few times what she was up to and how she was doing.
Well then I decided I was going to move to Fort Worth, TX for an adventure and I got a job at the doctors office. I was working the front window and I had noticed the name Kiera and I told Jennifer, the other girl that was working the checkin window with me that that was a pretty name...nothing clicked. Then Jennifer said, "hey she's wearing a Utah shirt do you know her???" And I look up and I'm like oh my gosh!!! That's Kiera. That's my cousin!!!! Then Kiera came to the window we talked, exchanged phone numbers and I never called her (and I should've) and then she came to our wedding reception and then she emailed me a few months later and we got together and here we are today!!! But isn't it pretty crazy that out of all the cousins in the world that I have the one that I was closest to growing up lives like 15 minutes away from me??? Just crazy!!! So anyways.....I just had a really good time hanging out with her last night and we just always will talk or ramble but we have so much fun!! (well I know I do, I hope she does too)!!! I am just thankful for family that is there and willing to help whenever needed and just to be there for whatever! I have an amazing family and I love them all and just hope they all know that.
I don't know why but lately I've thought about my family and everything I have to be grateful for even if every day isn't easy knowing you have family to love and encourage you makes the world of a difference!!!
Well that's my ramblyness (like my made up words???) for the day. Sorry Kiera if I embarrassed you I didn't mean to!!! Thanks for being a great cousin!!!


kristi said...

Ahhh...so sweet!

Kiera said...

That was fun to read! I remember getting car sick and having to sit up front. I was really embarrassed, because I really thought I would puke. It is crazy how we ended up living near each other! It has been fun. Thanks for hanging out with me and we will miss you when you move to Utah. We will come and visit! You are a great cousin too, and thanks for always being there for me. Hopefully you move back in a couple years and we can still live by each other!!