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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rubber Duckie Cake!!!!!

So I did a cake for Kinley who is turning one. They're doing a rubber duck theme and asked me to do a separate cake for her to eat. Tell me what you guys think!! It's my first time doing the 3-d duck. I noticed a few little spots that I missed, so other than that tell me your opinion!!!


Kiera said...

That is pretty good! I forgot about having you do Audrey's birthday cake and a friend do it. We will have to have you do one for us at the next birthday!! Thanks for coming over last night! We had fun.

mikeynannie said...

Jamie!! I think that you are brilliant!! You did such a great job! I love that it is 3D. Keep up the great work. Love you!

geNeric_gurL said...

cute cake sis