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Friday, April 11, 2008


Cassie loves to play fetch and as soon as she sees the ball she jumps up and down and will watch it's every move. Robbie took her today and she'll run after the ball and if she knows she's going to get a treat she'll bring the ball right back and drop it at your feet but if you don't have one she'll try to keep it from you until you give her a treat (she's a smart dog). Overall she'll come back to us when she gets the ball except today Robbie said that she ran after a pregnant woman...whoops! (Sorry about that). When he got ready to leave he called Cassie and she just laid there waiting for him to throw the ball. He walked all the way back to his truck and she still just laid there like "why aren't you throwing the ball anymore???"
We bought her a backpack for her to carry her food when we go camping so she can feel involved in the campout as well and when we tried it on her she went and peed on the carpet. I'm scared to see what will happen when we try her life jacket on her....Any suggestions on how to train them to wear stuff? She's officially started to shake when we ask her. She seems to like that. The next trick is teaching her how to roll over...We love her and love herp personality and I think everyone knows her loves her!!!!!!! I'm sure you would too!!!

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Kiera said...

she is very cute!!! It will be great seeing you tomorrow!!