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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Long Overdue Update

So having a baby is hard work!!! Before Brooklynn was born I was on the computer every day for a few hours. now I am on here just like once a month, sometimes less just depending on how my day goes. I enjoy spending the time I have with her and she's all that I talk about now!! My phone is full of pictures of her and her awesome accomplishments!

She turned 8 months on the 28th and has changed so much!!! She now is a crawler, getting her first tooth and is such a happy baby. Her first word was hi but she will only say it when she wants to and not when you want her too. She has a very strong personality and can't wait for her to continue to learn!!

We were able to spend a weekend with Robbie's mom, sister and niece and it was so much fun! They came in town for my other sister in laws baby shower and then we went up to Oakley to Robbie's grandparents cabin and just got to spend time together. I enjoyed the time so much.

Nothing else really has been going on. We've just been living from day to day and enjoying each others company!!!