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Friday, July 13, 2012

Brooklynn is 6 months....and a 1/2!!!

So I never get on my computer anymore so I just never blog anymore!!! Everything's always about Brooklynn anyways and sometimes I figure the 2 readers I have get sick of hearing about her!!!! Oh well. She's adorable and we love her!!!

She turned 6 mo on the 28th and had her appt on the 11th. She weighs 13 lbs 9 oz (gained almost a lb in 2 weeks)!!!! She's 24 1/2 in long. She is just a really tall/petite baby. She still is mostly in newborn onesies (when she wears them) and just depending on the outfit 0-3 or 3-6 months.

She is now eating solids and loves them. I think she's gonna love food just like her mom!! We have given her peas, carrots, green beans and squash and now have the ok to give her fruits!!! She will sit and open her mouth even before I get the spoon ready because she's hungry. She loves water.

She rolls everywhere now and I swear she's on the verge of starting to talk. Robbie can get her laughing really good!! Depending on the day she may do it for me. She smiles when either Robbie or I enter the room. She smiles a lot at guys. She's just an overall happy baby (which I'm sure I've said in every post).

She loves bath time. We bought her a pool and have tried it for her but the water has been too cold so she didn't really enjoy it so we'll keep trying. She loves to drink water especially out of a mini water bottle!

anyways, that's all about Brooklynn. There's nothing really new going on with Robbie or me. We are headed to ID next weekend to visit Katy and Josh and see Tyler, Robbie's little brother which we haven't seen in a year!!!! Our big vacation for the year is going to TX for 2 weeks at Christmas time!! It will be the first time in 5 years that all the kids will be there and it will be the last one for 2 years because Tyler will be on a mission the next Christmas.