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Friday, June 29, 2012


So Robbie and I were bored towards the end of my hospital stay and were coming up with all these things that you know you're in the hospital too long when... so I decided I'd blog about it!! Why not right??? I haven't blogged in a month so I might as well slam the blog with updates! So here goes....

You know you're in the hospital too long when....
   -You count the drips on the floor in the hallway wondering what it is or where/who it came from.
   -You start taking pictures of pictures in the hospital (there was some freaking looking pictures down in the hallways) 

   -You start asking about your neighbors
   -When your nurses and everyone else knows you and your spouse by your first name
   -You start having races with the Spirometer

   -You see other family members at the hospital visiting another one of your family members
   -You know all the mute buttons on all the machines
   -Your spouse knows where all the food/vending machines are in the hospital
   -Your spouse starts trying out the equipment they have for you

   -You think the variation of food is a change in color of jello

   -You start giving directions to people out in the hallways
   -You know all the channels on the tv
   - You start saying bye to your neighbors as they're leaving and you're not
   -You wake seconds before the phlebotomist comes in the room to draw your blood every morning   
   -Your fresh flowers somebody has brought you/sent you has died
   -Your bartering with your spouse for your lunch/dinner
   -You have to tell the nurses what time the main doors at the hospital lock
   -If you know all the generic names of all the drugs you're taking
   -You can start joking with the doctors about drugs
   -You start calling your room "The Suite"
 My view from the chair
 View from the door
    -You try to figure out what everyone else is in the hospital for
    -You ask nurses if they'll sneak food in for you (I really wanted a frosty.....so this was my version of one I could have)....

    -The nurses can take your vitals and not really wake you up because you're used to it
    -People start offering to nurse your child for you until you get out
    -You start taking pictures of everything you're eating

    -Your IV tape starts eating away at your skin
    -You name your IV pole "Ed"
(That was my friend Ed and he had to go everywhere i had to go even if he didn't want to).