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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cakes I've Done Recently

Lightening McQueen Cake I did for my nephew. My niece, Cierra, helped me with it.

#4 Spongebob Cake I did

This is my 4th wedding Cake. I feel like I'm improving but still have a long ways to go. I want to take classes on how to smooth the cakes out better.

Cupcakes I did to go with the left over batter for the spongebob cake

#3 Spongebob Cake I have done

This is a monkey cake I did for my cousin's one year old's birthday. The small one is a smoosh cake that he can dive into.

Butterfly cake, Not my most favorite one

Last minute cake I did for my niece. I tried working with fondant and thought it turned out ok.

My most favorite wedding cake I have done so far. The pink ribbon is edible. This was my 3rd cake.

Disclaimer: So I realized after I posted this that I posted it on the wrong blog so just enjoy the pics!

1 comment:

Sheyann said...

I LOVE the monkey cake! It is SOOOO cute! :)