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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Memorial Day

So Robbie and I got talking tonight about what we were going to do on Memorial day and I started talking about how we'd go to Payson to put flowers on my grandpa's family and then we'd go to other graves and put flowers on them. Robbie said he had never heard of that and he didn't understand why people put flowers on people's graves anyway. So I need help and get people's opinions/thoughts on why you put flowers on graves? I guess I just do it because I have always done it growing up and I just like to. But Robbie wouldn't accept that as an answer. So please tell me why you do or don't put flowers on graves and what you think Memorial Day is for.


mikeynannie said...

Memorial Day is exactly what it sounds like, a day of "memory". It is a day to remember those who have gone on before us. To remember, show respect and thankfulness and acknowledge that we wouldn't be who and where we are without them. That is what I think Memorial Day is all about. Putting flowers on their graves is just a representation of that. It is showing that we remember them.

aurora said...

Since I haven't lived where my family graves are, I haven't been able to put flowers on graves, and I frankly never thought of putting flowers on other's graves, but I really like the idea.
I have always believed that flowers on the grave mean that you are honoring the memory of the person who passed on. You not only remember them, but you remember them with respect.

emily said...

My husbands mom died from cancer and asked that we donate any money we would have spent on flowers to a cancer research org. I think if you want to pay your respects a good alternative is taking water, soap and scissors to clean and manicure the site.... and a bottle of whiskey for the fallen homies.