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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nothing new, nothing exciting

So I haven't posted in forever because it seems like there's really nothing to post about. I lead a rather boring life. I did get a new calling for church which is the Ward Music Director. My first question before I accepted was "Do I have to lead the music in Sacrament Meeting?" and since the answer was no then I was fine with it. It wasn't a calling I had hoped for or had even thought of but I guess I need some more experience in the music part of it.

Besides that nothing really has happened. I've been on a health kick this past week and hope that it will last a long time. The one thing I hate the most is when I try on a pair of my pants and they don't fit anymore....that is so irritating! So I've been trying to be more active and eating a lot healthier. A lady at my work told me about the Smart meals and they're only $1.88 at Walmart. You can't make a normal meal for that price. So I've been sticking to that and I just hope that I see some results. I know I need to exercise I just haven't really found anything that I just enjoy doing that will help. So I'm still working on that part.

That's about all that's been going on in our neck of the woods. Robbie's still working as hard as ever to finish school and I'm just working. Hopefully I can start at a culinary school soon....we'll see.


mikeynannie said...

Jamie, I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel like nothing and everything is happening at the same time. Nothing to post about. Do a favorites list or something. Those are fun. Later!

Ashley said...

Ugh I totally understand!!! I am trying to eat and do better, too. Maybe we can help each other!!! I could probably use some accountability :P And I finally started blogging....cause I'm copying you, so you can read mine now, too :P Miss you!!!