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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

All about Robbie!!

So Robbie feels that I don't blog about him enough so I figured I'd dedicate a whole blog to him and he probably won't even read it!!!! Oh well. Um, just a few things everyone should know about Robbie....he's a Sagittarius, his birthday's next month, he enjoys General Conference (He calls himself a General Conference Junkie) and feels that it's his job to own every General Conference!!! We'll be going this Saturday to the Saturday Morning General Conference Session with the Killion's which I'm so excited about!!!!
Robbie just received a calling in our ward to be the Priest Quorum Advisor and he loves it so far.
His favorite color is Blue
His favorite restaurant is Red Lobster
He loves to make people laugh
He was born in Utah but moved to Texas when he was 7 and so he claims Texas as his home
He has 2 sisters and a brother
He loves his most amazing, wonderful, caring, awesome wife Jamie
He loves to play computer games
He's going to school right now at BYU to become a history teacher
He loves to camp and fish
He has the greatest wife!
He loves to watch football whenever he can--mostly the college teams
He loves to watch movies, he hates scary movies
He loves sugar cookies
I think that sums up my wonderful husband!!! He is the greatest guy and I love him!

He loves Sour Patch kids so my mom bought him a big pkg from Costco for his birthday last year

When people are taking pictures he feels it's his responsibility to get in them just to make sure they look all that much better!!

He loves to try to trick little kids with his magic tricks

He was trying to get a badge on Pogo and was playing Makeover Madness so I told him that I would post and let everyone know he loves to play girl games!!! :)

This is him addicted to computer games! He loves to play them to pass the time!

So I'm sure ya'll feel like you know him a little better right??? I hope so.

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