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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Misc Blog

Cassie chasing her tail (quite funny in person)

Another shot of Cassie chasing her tail

So Cassie has found a new place to hang out. As soon as she sees that brown blanket come out she knows that she has a spot up on the couch. She doesn't let us get in the way at all. The other day she laid completely against my face so I couldn't watch tv at all. She just is a spoiled girl and pretty much gets whatever she wants. On Sunday we decided to play a game with her. I took her into our bedroom and Robbie laid out all of her toys on the ground and we took her out and we let her decide what she wanted to play with. She sniffed every toy and stopped at her green tennis ball and took it to the door and sat down because she knew that meant that she would get to play fetch. She loves the game of fetch and never gets tired of it. It's hilarious to watch her catch a fly ball. She is very mischievous and tries to get away with whatever she can. The only problem that we have is that she loves to say hello to people by jumping up on them and licking them and not everyone likes that. Hopefully she'll grow out of it!!!!

I made a cake for a friend's daughter for a church cake auction to help raise money for their summer camp. I thought it turned out pretty good. The rose is dusted with some gold luster but you can't really tell. Dani helped out a lot. She did some of the piping on the bottom of the cake and did all of the side of the cake. Teri told me that the cake went for $30 which was pretty good. Anything to help a good cause right???

So I made some cookies for some nurses to say thank you and thought that I would show them off. I thought they turned out pretty cute...hopefully just as good too. Tell me what you think. I made some chocolate chip cookies as well and they turned out awesome. I'm just bummed I can't take them to work to brag about how good they are because nobody will eat them because we're all on the biggest loser thing.
As to date the whole office has lost 87 in half pounds in the last 2 weeks. Isn't that pretty amazing???? I haven't done as well but at least I am still losing. I've found these packets of flavor that you put in your water that helps you drink more water and I'm addicted. They are so good and I think it really does help me drink more water. I am struggling with no sweets but I think I've done pretty good (I did have to try one of the chocolate chip cookies to make sure they were ok to give away).


Stac said...

Hey Jamie,
This is Sister Layton from the mission. I don't know if you remember me or not but I linked to your blog from the mission website. I think your cakes look great. I have a question about how you get your colors to look so good. Do you use a special kind of coloring? Is it Wiltons? I just love how bold and vibrant they are. I am making a cake for a party and need to make red and blue and I want it to be really bright so I was wondering if you could give me any advice. You can email me if you can. Thanks so much.

stac3031 at yahoo.com

aurora said...

Hi Jamie!
Just scrolled down and left a comment on your cakes post. Wow. There are some really cute ones. Good job!
Your doggie is really adorable. :)