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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We're having fun!

 Brooklynn's first ice cream cone

 Sleeps in weird positions

 She loves stories!!

 All ready for church

 Dr Johnson and Brooklynn at Tarzan

 Fun at the water park

 Watch out for Brooklynn! she's already driving 

 Tibblefork Resevoir

We've been having a good summer so far! I feel like because I work than I need to make up for it on my days off by doing something fun with Brooklynn! Hopefully soon I can just be at home with her more and just enjoy every second!!!
     She loves water so we went to the Riverton splash park and she had so much fun!! She loves the water and is really brave and will just put her face right up to the water! she also loves being around other kids so it's a win win situation. It's been so hot lately that the only way you can be outside is if you're around water!
      My work payed for the play Tarzan and dinner at the Scera theater in Orem and so me, my mom, Heidi my sister, Cierra my niece and Brooklynn went and we sat right behind Dr. Johnson (one of the drs I work for) and Brooklynn kept playing peekaboo with her and smelling/petting her hair. Everyone around us was cracking up laughing at how funny she was being. I'm so glad Dr. Johnson was a good sport about it.
       We took a drive up American Fork Canyon and stopped at Tibblefork and let Brooklynn play in the little creek there. She thought we left way too early....and so do I. She would be outside all day if she could.
      She just had her 18 month appointment and she is doing great. She's getting really tall and just so smart. She catches on to everything and is always making us laugh. I'm just so grateful that we're blessed to have her in our lives and that we can teach her all that we know!!!