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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pics of Brooklynn

So it's about time I update our blog huh?? I've just been trying to enjoy time with Brooklynn that I haven't turned on my computer much and it takes too long to blog on my phones so I just haven't done it. Plus I'm not sure that anyone even reads it anyway. But I thought that I would show off the cute pics we had taken of her when we were in TX for her first birthday! I thought they turned out so cute.

So an update on Brooklynn-she is now officially walking/running!!! She now doesn't really want to be held because she can walk. She loves the outdoors and would be out there all night if she could be. She loves chairs. She loves music, pianos, etc. She can say -momma, dadda, "poppa" for grandpa, Ca for Cassie, bye, boo, dog, AJ and a few others that she just makes the beginning sounds. She catches on so fast. I can't believe how much she has grown up!!! She is such a happy girl.

Robbie and I are still at his grandparents but plan on looking for houses in the summer time. Robbie is working at SEO and I am still at the drs office!!!


Andy's Mom said...

She is simply beautiful! Great pictures. :)

emily said...

She is so effing cute! I need a girl.

Kelly said...

she is getting so big. very cute pictures!

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